I am...

... a true make-up maniac! I love it all... from true natural beauty looks to over-the-top experimental make-up styles.

I do...

... all kinds of make-up (and hairstyling) jobs.

  • I'm glad to be part of your special day, whether you're the bride-to-be or the bestie wiping a tear away: wedding make-up = check!

  • No weddings planned but some special occasions ahead? I'm happy to help you out with a beautiful evening make-up. Together we’ll find a look that will make you shine!

  • Searching for a professional make-up artist to work with on your photo shoot, fashion show or TV project? No problem, I have experience in fashion, television, music clips, portraits.

  • Happy to see me doing all the work but eager to start yourself? An entertaining workshop is the answer! Different formulas are available, from very personal one-on-one advise, to ‘evening-look-workshops’ in group or even workshops dedicated to a special theme (yes, this IS a fun addition to your bachelorette party ;)).

I love...

... beautiful things - and people who make things more beautiful. And what I love most of all... to see you shine bright! ;)